Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera

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There have been a few supposed drunk incidents with Christina Aguilera over the last week. The first being a catfight with her Burlesque costar Julianne Hough and another possible passing out incident at Jeremy Renner's house.

Choosing what you want to believe, we must say Xtina has been looking a little worse for ware since her divorce.

Uh, does this remind you of any other pop tart?

Before Britney Spears was in and out of rehab, had supervised visits with her children, and, oh yeah, shaved her head, the now almost back to normal starlet coped with her divorce from Kevin Federline in a very similar way.

She was quick to snatch up a boyfriend (Isaac Cohen) and one that she sugar mama'd a bit, too.

Her nights were quickly consumed with party and club hopping, even though she paled around with the likes of Paris Hilton, and was rarely seen in.

Now, Christina seems to just be entering this Stage 1 and having some tipsy nights. But by the stories getting passed around Hollywood, many industry folks are whispering she's going down "the Britney Spears path."

Yes, that is a term used regularly around in this town. It's adjacent to "the Lindsay Lohan route," too.

Reading through the comments yesterday, almost half of you defended Xtina saying we've all been there. Sure, most people have on occasion. Unfortunately, this boozy behavior is supposedly becoming a pattern.

So does she get a free pass if she's going through a divorce? Some of us have been there, too, and it's damn difficult.

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