Who Should Be King: Charles or William?

Royal insiders shocked the Queen hasn’t weight in on the Charles-vs.-William debate

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Jan 20, 2011 5:05 PMTags
Prince William, Prince CharlesIndigo/Getty Images

All this fabulous hoopla over Prince William and Kate Middleton's upcoming wedding, is, perhaps, overshadowing a less happy concern regarding the second heir to the British throne.

Among the royal types we've been canvassing about all things William and Kate, there's a lot of debate over who should be Britain's next king: Prince Charles—or, his son, Prince William.

And just when, exactly, will Middleton become Queen Kate?

Discussions have begun among Commonwealth leaders on whether to change the law of succession to the British throne.

Indeed, our friends over in the UK confirm there's exists a not unsubstantial feeling from the general population that Charles should step aside and let his son take the throne—when that time comes to pass.

But where does the Queen stand on the matter?

No one knows, and it's weird.

Sources tell us they are "pretty shocked" that the Queen hasn't released any kind of reaction—official or otherwise—about the gaining momentum that Charles should not be king.

"[The Queen] sees and hears everything her people are feeling, she's very perceptive and sensitive to public opinion," dishes our Royal insider. "And she knows very well there's a strong sentiment for Prince William to be King."

Speculation as to who will take the throne has been going on for years, although the debate has certainly heated up ever since William's engagement to Kate Middleton.

Even though Prince William has spoken out that he would like his father to take over the throne, for once it's a woman's opinion that really matters.

"The fact that the Queen hasn't said anything about it, one way or the other, speaks volumes, it really does."

So who would you like to see be king? Chime in below!