Glee Romance Alert: Guess Who's Getting a "Little Fling?"

Scoop from executive producer Brad Falchuk

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 19, 2011 11:23 PMTags
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Looks like Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a k a last season's "manwhore" (per Jayma Mays), is finally getting some kind of lovin' in the new year—with a lady you know well.

So who is it?

Gwyneth Paltrow.

You may have heard that the initial plan for Gwyneth's first appearance on the Fox hit was for her character Holly Holliday to make Emma jealous (Ryan Murphy told me as much). And according to executive producer Brad Falchuk, that game is back on, complete with the five-letter F word.

"She's coming back for two episodes," Brad tells us of Gwyneth. "We really sort of hoped that this idea of her and Matt having a little fling during the original episode would work but we just didn't have time to finish it off, so we're glad she's coming back."

Also on the Gwynnie agenda? She will "sing and dance and be hot." You don't say!

Now, all this might sound terrifying to you diehard Will and Emma fans, especially since Jayma herself told us there isn't much hope for "Wemma" for the time being. But when asked if there's a chance the fan-favorite coupling will get together, Falchuk says: "There's more than a chance...It's Will and Emma, for God's sake!" (You gotta love the "duh!" factor in that quote. Perhaps we should stop asking? Naaah…)

If any of you are still wondering what Anne Hathaway will play when she guest stars on Glee, Falchuk confirms she will be playing a relative of Kurt's (Chris Colfer). "She came over and talked to Ryan [Murphy] about wanting to come on the show and there you have it. She had a great idea and someone like her, it's sort of hard to say no. She's gonna be Chris Colfer's lesbian aunt."

So, it's official…Gwyneth and Matty Fresh getting fresh on Glee. How do we feel about that?

—Reporting by Cristina Gibson

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