When Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is giving Elena that smoldering look, you can't blame her for being just a wee bit tempted to go over to the dark side with him.

Then again, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is equally handsome and probably better for dear, sweet Elena. Man, how does one manage a love triangle like this? Maybe we should ask Nina Dobrev the lucky girl in the middle? I just sat down with the girl you know and love as Elena (and Katherine) to discuss such pressing matters, in anticipation of the show's return one week from today...

Check out the exclusive video above!

"I think, without giving away too much, Stefan and Elena are working out some kinks," Nina tells us, hinting at a Stelena reconciliation in the works, when the show returns next Thursday. "And Elena and Damon are still in the same place they kind of always have been. They've been jumping around between friendship, more or less, and hatred, and it's just so up and down, it's like a roller coaster with Elena and Damon."

Well, when a roller coaster looks like Damon, we certainly understand a girl wanting to, um, take it for a spin.

And the big, bad Klaus is comin' to town! If there's ever been a highly anticipated character on The Vampire Diaries, it's him. And while you'd think the writers would be the ones with the big plan for Klaus, it's Nina who has it all mapped out.

If she had her way, she'd want Sasha Baron Cohen, and she even has his back story and accent figured out. It's all in the video above, so check it out, and let's start the Damon-Elena-Stefan debate after hearing what Nina has to say.

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