Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser

Trae Patton/NBC

Double the pain, double the gain.

What NBC's The Biggest Loser loses in terms of fitness expertise with the upcoming departure of Jillian Michaels is more than compensated for with the debut of two new trainers. The new fitness gurus, handpicked by Jillian, made their debut on Tuesday's night's premiere.

So just who are these "unknowns?"

The first mystery trainer, Cara Castronova, is a tough-as-nails female boxer who was ranked No. 2 in the country by USA Boxing.

"I'm not a celebrity trainer.  I don't have my own line of DVDs, but I'm a fighter and I have everything to prove," the two-time Golden Glove champion said on last night's episode.

"Having a hard life has made me stronger," said Castronova, whose personal hardships include the deaths of both parents. Her mother was killed in a car accident and her father, who taught her to box, died when she was 14.  "I'm here to bring back the figher in each and every one of [the contestants]."

Along with proving herself in the boxing world, she's also tried her hand as an actress. No doubt the skills she's picked up in that arena will come in handy as she kicks some Biggest Loser butt.

As for the other newcomer joining the club, Brett Hoebel has been a fitness guru for nearly 20 years who specializes in a variety of martial arts and kickboxing and who approaches training as a science unto itself.

"I'm here to change people's lives and get people in shape," said Brett. "There's no guesswork on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. It's called science."

Hoebel, who said he was overweight as a teen, insists that if the contestants "want it bad enough, if they can change themselves mentally and emotionally right here, the rest will follow."

After 10 seasons whipping the overweight into shape for both the Red and Black teams, Michaels announced on Twitter last month that this 11th season would be her last. Her fellow trainer, Bob Harper, is expected to remain with the reality game show.

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