Ricky Gervais on Globes Haters: "I Wasn't Losing My Mind"

Comic takes a moment to express his thanks to all those who supported him following his envelope-pushing hosting job on Sunday

By Peter Gicas Jan 19, 2011 5:10 PMTags
Ricky GervaisPaul Drinkwater/NBC via AP Images

People can't seem to stop talking about Ricky Gervais and his controversial turn as host of last Sunday's Golden Globes.

Including Gervais himself.

The man who didn't pull any punches the other night has taken to his personal blog to express his appreciation to everyone who stood by him in the days following all that envelope-pushing at the expense of his fellow celebs.

"Thanks to the twitterverse, the blogosphere, all the journos and the coolest stars for coming to my rescue," he wrote. "It was heartwarming to realise I wasn't losing my mind. Some reactions nearly had me believing I'd gone too far too. Nearly."

And for all those who may have been taken aback by his questionable comments about the likes of Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. (and, if you're Kirstie Alley, a joke about "gay Scientologists," which caused the actress to go after Gervais via Twitter), the comic served up this little heads-up as well.

"Can't wait for the people who thought it was over the top to see my stand-up shows. F--k me, they will s--t themselves," he added.

Of course, this certainly won't be the last we hear from Gervais on the subject. He's scheduled to appear on Thursday evening's episode of CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

Hollywood, you've been warned.