Stars of long-running television shows deal with the final episodes in different ways. Some act their asses off to preserve the memories. Others sob uncontrollably. Erica Durance will probably do all that…plus steal.

I sat down with the lovely lady known as Lois Lane, and Erica was kind enough to share all her thoughts on Smallville's end, plus how she's preparing for her television wedding to the yummy Tom Welling...

"You feel like the belle of the ball," she admits when asked about being a TV bride-to-be. As for wedding plans, Erica reveals that Lois will have her "cold feet" moments. "True to form, Lois is terrified of commitment. So she has moments where she gets a bit sketchy." Hey, if Lois doesn't wanna marry Clark, we bet someone else will be more than happy to take her spot.

Speaking of taking things, Erica also let us in on the one thing she wants to steal from set when the show wraps…if she can keep her klepto-ness under control, that is. "I might just go crazy at the end. Just bring my suitcase," she laughs.

Smallville ain't on tonight, but here's hoping this chat with Erica fills the void for you in lieu of the show proper. Smallville is set to return next Friday to the CW. See you there.

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