Motley Crue

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The members of Mötley Crüe have had their run-ins with the law over the years, that's for sure.

But only one of them found out last summer that what happens in Vegas not only stays there, but could also land you behind bars.

So which wavy-haired metal man is checking into a room that he can't trash next month?

PHOTOS: Mug-Shot Mania

Vince Neil, Mug Shot

Las Vegas Police Dept.

That would be Vince Neil, and not for any shady maneuvering on Skating With the Stars.

The Mötley Crüe singer cut a deal in his DUI case that will see him pleading guilty on Jan. 26 in Las Vegas Justice Court to misdemeanor driving under the influence in exchange for two weeks in jail and two weeks of house arrest.

He'll be ordered to surrender to Clark County authorities by Feb. 15.

"I have recognized that you can't drink and drive at all,'' Neil said in a statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal. "I take full responsibility for my actions and will learn from this experience."

It's unclear whether he meant to emphasize the word this.

The rocker served 15 days in jail and paid $2.5 million in restitution back in the 1980s for his role in a fatal DUI crash. Prosecutors had been seeking jail time in this case due to Neil's record.

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