Dear Ted:
Just wanted to say I caught a few minutes of the Golden Globes backstage live cam just as the Glee cast was taking questions. When you asked your question, did you hear Lea Michele say, "That's Ted Casablanca from E!" and then turn around and whisper something to one of the other girls? She must read the blog...and know you outed her diva antics! What kind of vibe did she give you when the cameras weren't rolling?!

Dear Good Ear:
You're totally right! For those of you watching at home it's between the 2 and 3 minute marks. As much as we love to hate Lea's bossy ways, the belting babe still rocks. Heart her for the recognition. No wonder she stays on our radar; we must be on hers, too! Glad you caught the chick most definitely gossing about the blog. But watch out, you darling diva, G.G. winner Jane Lynch and series creator Ryan Murphy may give your sassy self a run for your crank-a-thon crown.

Dear Ted:
Since your Blind Vice Bitch-Back dissolved into another Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart "discussion," would you mind letting me know what Matthew Morrison's B.V. entails? Also, is your obvious concern for Princess Powder-Puff because she is or may be pregnant?

Dear Picky:
Morrison's keeping it low-key for now, which is why Robsten rules the blog day in and day out. Trust, if we had some dish on that hottie tottie—it would be all over (as it has been in the past). Oh, and we will always be first string on Princess Powder Puff's team. Doubt she's preggers, though. She's not one to jump on that bandwagon, certainly because it would mean she'd have to be really chemical-free, not just pretend.

Dear Ted:
All this Glee buzz from the Golden Globes has me thinking, is Dianna Agron as "sweet" as everyone says she is? Or is there some Vice in her? Also what is up with her and  Alex Pettyfer's tattoos? Are they that serious to get lasting mementos on their bodies? Finally, Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund. Do you think they are really dating? Or do you think the affection is all a show to get some hype for their movie?

Dear Dating Deets:
Dianna was almost suspiciously over the top friendly and smiley at the Globes. I mean, she looked stunning and at least seemed über-sweet. Then again, those Glee gals have some pretty fierce acting chops up their sneaky sleeves. As for the couple's tats, she would. We are pushing, like friggin' pushing, for Leighton and Garrett. Sweet Kelly Canter! That would be ahh-mazing. Sorry, still high off Country Strong.

Dear Ted:
I think Ricky Gervais is hysterical and loved him on the Globes. I don't shock easily (only one of your Vices has made me cringe; showers should be with water) but the Scientology crack made me gasp first and then bust a stitch. I believe most celebrities take themselves far too serious and need to be told how wonderful they are. I want to tell them to suck it up; y'all are rich! So to quote Lisa de Moraes, was Sunday night "the frosty ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel where Gervais's career died"?

Dear On the Money:
At least someone's got a sense of humor around here! Rick was hilarious. These celebs need to take the dish, or get the ef out of H'wood. Let's be real, they all knew what they were in for with Mr. Gervais hosting, and all he did was deliver—at the expense of some PO'ed pricks—some semi-mean-spirited but totally true humor. Chill out, people, and please do take note from RDJ. If you can't beat Ricky, punch back. Just another thing to add to our RDJ-loving list!

Dear Ted:
I've been a fan of Sofia Vergara since I was 10-years-old. She's so funny, talented and absolutely stunning! I am so happy she's finally made it in the U.S. Since, Sofia has been around in show biz for over a decade and never strapped for cash, could she possibly be Carmelita Salami-Climber?

Dear Vicey Vergara:
We totally agree about how lovable and absolutely beautiful Sofia is! In fact, so much so that we aren't quite sure if she is dirty enough for our Vicey liking. She's no ho.

Dear Ted:
Nonstens are telling a story that Rob left the afterparties with the blond woman you mentioned and they went to the same hotel in separate cars. You have any word on this?

Dear False:
First off, people need to read that article in its entirety. Just because we pointed out a random gal, people talking at the party out of curiosity doesn't mean anything! Did people not read the one billion times we said how well-behaved Rob was? From what I've heard is that Pattinson went home solo and early. He had to be up for Water for Elephants reshoots.

Dear Ted:
I'm just dreaming here, but after watching the Golden Globes, how perfect would Robert Pattinson and Olivia Wilde be together? Think it would be an option had both of them been single?

Dear Watch Your Back:
Are you a Nonsten, or what? You may have some issues after making this brave, but dreamy, matchup! Hold your breaths Twi-hards. We aren't saying we support a Pattinson-Wilde relaysh, but heaven forbid the love birds call it quits, you all can't deny Olivia is supersexy and has that vamp vibe. You should always have a backup plan, right, Rob?

Dear Ted:
A reader recently demanded that you "make up your mind" about Kelsey Grammer and his wife, which one is the sleazebag, the cheater or the money-grabbing ex. But let me ask you to please not. See, I couldn't really care less about Kelsey and his women, but I really like that you don't necessarily make up your mind about a celebrity and then stick to that no matter what happens. I think it's great that you tell us if and when you hear something that contradicts what you've previously said or implied about someone. That just feels genuine to me. Cheers!

Dear Thankful:
Thanks, hon! I'm glad someone sees I'm just reporting the goss to fill your hearts with some juice each and every day. Plus, I get a kick out of blasting some of these A-list wannabe celebs.

Dear Ted:
I have some good news for you! At some press thing after the Golden Globes, the Glee cast was asked if Jane Lynch was the bigger diva than Lea Michele. And in the background, you can distinctly hear Lea saying, "Are you Ted Casablanca?" She's probably referring to your discussion of her alleged diva-tude. What do you make of that?

Dear Still Laughing:
Lea loves it—that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dear Ted:
How come no one is calling Brangelina out on their total hamming for the cameras at the Golden Globes? They cry privacy and turn their backs to Ryan Seacrest, but then every time the camera turns to them, she is all over him. So phoney, and obvious—but yet of all the aftershow critiques, not a word from anyone on this. What gives? Are they that untouchable?

Dear PDA Puke:
Gag me, seriously. Everyone was thinking it, but no one is going to do Ange the favor of blasting how beautifully in love they are—fake or real as it may be. Who cares? Unless, of course, there is some juicy, not-so-picket-fence story behind that pushy PDA?

Dear Ted:
Garrett Hedlund seems scared to even speak about Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson in any, capacity, and yet he is often called upon to do so, especially by such outlets as MTV. Does he not have very good things to say about them? Or is he aware that even the most innocent statement will suck him into the Robsten gossip that no one would want to be a part of (including Robert and Kristen!)?

Dear Curious:
Since Garrett is working with K.Stew on the up incoming film On the Road, we think he may just be zipping his lip to stay out of Twilight mania and goss. We're sure he will (if he hasn't already) learn to love Kristen. Plus, we know K mentioned in the newest issue of Vogue that she cried leaving the Road set. If there was a Hedlund beef, we're sure she would go running back to Rob, but that's def not the case!

Dear Ted:
Is Naya Rivera over Mark Salling and seeing anyone?

Dear Doubtful:
No to the first—whoever will get her press away from Mark to the second.

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