Abduction, Taylor Lautner


We've already told you that it's very good to be Taylor Lautner right about now.

The world's favorite werewolf is taking his Twilight Saga success and running with it, turning that one role into the cornerstone of a full-fledged Hollywood powerhouse.

And now we're getting a first look at one of those many projects the career-savvy young star has landed. So what's the story with this pic?

This shot is from Tay's upcoming flick Abduction—you know, the one costarring that other hot up and comer, and Lautner's reportedly cozy costar, Lily Collins—and it doesn't sound like there will be a whole lot of that staring-into-each-other's-eyes, romantic pining or vampire competition going on here. This flick is all action.

Maybe Hollywood execs are finally zeroing on what Taylor does (and can arguably only do) best? Sorry, he may be the most commercial of the Twilight gang, but a heart-stopping Romeo this man will never be, that much is clear to Team Truth. You all disagree, of course, but, let's get real.

Taylor's Abduction character, Nathan, has his world thrown into chaos when he comes across his own baby photo on a website for missing people.

Sure enough, he sets his sights on getting to the bottom of this—what does it mean? What is his true identity? And judging from the intensity of that pic, and the fact that Taylor's hiding out in a kitchen, putting those pieces together looks to be a dangerous task.

And before any of you go dismissing this as just another action flick starring a hot young actor, remember, it's directed by the highly acclaimed John Singleton (Boyz in the Hood, among countless others), who knows his stuff behind the camera.

What do you think? Eager to see Taylor as he branches out? Abduction hits theaters Sept. 23.

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