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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had a rocky 2010, what with the whole Brittany Jones scandal, but it seems the duo are handling their relationship a bit differently this year.

Demi, looking très tiny, hit up Bulgari's bash for Save the Children U.S. and Artists for Peace and Justice in Los Angeles recently—and she hit the carpet solo.

You read that right. So, where was that yummy hubby of hers?

Inside waiting!

Even though Kutcher's the one with a movie to promote (No Strings Attached), the good-lookin' fellow sneaked into the mega mansion and waited for his wife to join him. Inside, we're told the two were "adorable and inseparable," according to a partygoer.

This is the kind of relaysh we can get onboard with! No staged tweet peeks or happy photo ops? Now, we totally do believe that they are happy and tight as ever, as we are being told.

Also at the charity event were Gerard Butler and Jared Leto, who were playfully dancing together as they shook their behinds to Ricky Martin's performance. How boy-on-boy fab is that? Far more discreet, but just as hot, elsewhere in L.A. were...

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, attempting to keep a low profile over Globes weekend.

We're told the two shacked up at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and were spotted "getting cozy" by the pool up on the roof overlooking Los Angeles. How budding romantic! But has Selena upped her bodyguard patrol times 20, we wonder? Better do it, girl, or your life is going to be insane-fan hell. Meanwhile down the street at The Bazaar, but behaving with far less grace was...

Jason Priestley, the dude best known as Brandon Walsh from 90210. Brandy was sitting on a low stool, "having a fun time," according to an onlooker when a leg of Priestley's stool broke and the poor boy fell flat on his ass. But in true classy form, we're told Jason simply laughed it off.

We're also sure the always graceful and hunky True Blood stud...

Joe Manganiello, would have known how to handle the sitch. He's our man-crush and is always right in whatever he does. J.M. was seen not far from the London, at the Four Seasons Hotel, where the freshly engaged dude hit up HBO's Luxury Lounge and the L'Oreal Paris Beauty Suite.

Joe was getting his swag on, but he thoughtfully picked up stuff for his fiancée, Audra Marie, as well. As we were saying: perfection.

—Additional reporting by Martin Haro

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