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It wasn't The Big Easy but it was easy enough.

Ellen Barkin has settled a three-year-old lawsuit brought by her ex-husband, billionaire financier Ron Perelman, who accused her of allegedly siphoning off funds from a film production company the couple had started.

So what happened?

Jacob Buchdahl, an attorney for Applehead Pictures, the LLC in question, confirmed to E! News that an agreement had been reached, though he declined to comment on the specifics of the deal.

"It's over," said Buchdahl.  "All claims have been dismissed."

Perelman alleged that after he left the Ocean's Thirteen star and initiated divorce proceedings to end their tumultuous five-year union, she misappropriated money from the company out of revenge.

Per the cosmetics mogul's complaint filed in 2007, Barkin, as president of Applehead, illicitly paid her brother, George Barkin—a former editor of High Times magazine who was a partner in the venture—an inflated annual salary of $250,000, in the process enriching herself without actually producing any movies of note.

The suit came after 68-year-old Perelman, whose net worth is $5 billion, agreed to fork over around $40 million to the 56-year-old actress as part of a 2006 divorce settlement.

No word whether Barkin made out like a bandit this time around, but we're guessing neither is hurting for cash these days.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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