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Someone should tell Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley that the stay-away order a judge threw their way was not for their benefit. It was for their daughter's.

But proving that they still can't quite grasp that concept, both are continuing their quest to get the order removed, claiming that, despite Amber beating up Gary both on camera and in front of their daughter, they're totally cool now and should once again be granted total access to each other.

The fact that it would make filming on the new season of Teen Mom easier, we're sure, had absolutely nothing to do with it.

While Gary was the first to fight the protective order last month, his request was finally followed up by Amber in the courts last week, when she submitted a motion to rescind or modify the no contact order put in place against her.

Among the arguments she put forth in the document:

"Mr. Shirley is in no fear of Ms. Portwood," the papers state. "The events with which she has been charged are remote in time, and she presents no danger to Mr. Shirley."

Nevermind that their behavior might present quite the emotional and psychological danger to their 2-year-old daughter, Leah, who also warranted a mention in the papers.

"It is important to all three persons for the parents to have contact with one another to discuss topics concerning this child," she noted, adding that it was Shirley's "desire" to lift the order.

While the papers were filed on Friday, Portwood herself shot down speculation that her request had already been rejected.

"No, he didn't deny it," she told E! News of the case. Instead, she said that the judge continued the proceedings until a hearing set for Feb. 2.

—Additional reporting by Katie Rhames

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