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Boy, you Twi-hards love to pick and choose when it comes to what you read.

After pointing out there was an unfamiliar female face with Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield's entourage during the HBO Golden Globes afterparty, a wildfire of debate set off in the comments.

Naturally, half of you decided to ignore the three times where we said Rob acted like the perfect boyfriend all night.

But now rumors are swirling that Pattinson and the blonde went home together.

So let's just get it out of the way and do a Robsten update shall we?

First off, as we said, R.Pattz left the party solo instead of raging into the night like most of his Hollywood peers. Let's repeat that again: He went home solo and early. There was no two-car conspiracy involving the blonde in one coming to meet up with him later. Trust.

Pattinson was in town all weekend (doing Water for Elephants reshoots) and stayed in the entire time he was here. A single R.Pattz wouldn't do that.

In fact, rumor has it Stewart came back with Rob for his quick trip to L.A. (and we're digging more into this, promise). Was it a secret fitting for an Oscar gown perhaps?

But onto Robsten's relaysh:

"No," was the to-the-point answer we got when we begrudgingly asked our Robsten source about those ridiculous rumors that Stewart had dumped Pattinson.

"They seem happy as usual together," adds the insider, despite Kristen dodging the Pattinson bullet in the latest issue of Vogue.

Look, we told you before when R and K briefly split, and we'll do it again if we have to. But Kristen and Rob are as good as ever.

Does that ease your hearts?

Of course not.

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