Robert Pattinson, Andrew Gardield


Forget Brangelina's over the top Golden Globes PDA.

Our favorite couple of the evening was Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield!

The Brit-pack buds hung tight at HBO's Golden Globes after-party, with a security guard glued to their side, and seemed to be having a blast.

But there was one addition to their entourage that had people curious…

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There was a blonde in tow with Pattinson's mini entourage, and we know what his agent looks like and it wasn't her.

To clarify, the gal was with R.Pattz, Garfield and their whole gang for the brief bit when they were all hanging.

So don't freak Robsten lovers, we're assured the mystery gal, Rob and all of them looked totally friendly, and "not flirty at all," according to an onlooker. Rob is the perfect boyfriend, duh!

Pattinson was hanging solo with his security guard, smoking some cigs and sipping on a Heineken beer before his bud Garfield got there.

When Andrew arrived he came over to Rob's area, hugged, and the party boys looked like they were having a blast together!

But, despite the many many girls who were dying to get pics and hang with the good lookin' duo, Pattinson's security guy was regulating before they got the chance.

Better to have him be the bad guy instead of R.Pattz right?

But he was totally happy to mingle and chat with fellow partygoers when they were able to slip by the security boss man.

Rob also hung with Peter Facinelli while Andrew chatted with his Spiderman costar Emma Stone.

Still, even sans Kristen Stewart we thought Pattinson looked hotter than he has in a long time!

Rob left HBO and wasn't spotted at many of the after-parties that went into the wee hours of, well, this morning.

What a good boyfriend, right?

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