Katey Sagal

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

"Me, you really think so?" Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal said when I remarked the she was perfect for playing the boufant haired republican. "Why?"

"Because you're really rockin' a Palin thing," I told the Sons of Anarchy genius, who fully knows her way around a killer wig.

So is Katey up for a Sarah Palin poking?

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"Well, I guess I'd have to use a gun, wouldn't I?" replied the Globes winner, who slowly warmed to the idea.

"She really does look like Palin," said the ET reporter sitting next to me backstage. I was not alone in thinking, Katey, with her full, flowing brown locks sexily framing a pretty ample cleavage.

Truly, it was remarkable. And how cool is it that Sagal's got the first thing down for impersonating Palin—a gun?

Because anybody who doesn't think Palin is helping make the world a more trigger-happy place probably only eats moose stew 24/7.

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