Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene

Humberto Carreno/

W Magazine's Golden Globe Party last night at Chateau Marmont was a who's who of A-Listers, and it certainly seemed like date night for most of the celebs.

Tom Cruise kept close to Katie Holmes during the beginning of the night chatting with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, with a lot of "congrats" to Annette being thrown around (we know she'll be keeping the convo light during this awards season).

Brit-pack cutie and Robert Pattinson BFF Andrew Garfield was in attendance with his girlfriend, Shannon Woodward, and mingled with fellow Social Network pal Armie Hammer.

So with all of these power couples cozying up at the penthouse, who was Joe Jonas chatting up, sans Ashley Greene?

Not a lot of babes, we can tell you that much!

Joe hung tight with an agent-looking gal for most of the night, and steered clear of some of the single ladies attempting to vie for his attention.

Jonas was heard explaining to pals that Ash was busy filming Breaking Dawn in Louisiana and he was missing her a lot.

Say it with us now: awww.

A good bud close to the couple says Joe and Ashley are tighter than ever.

"I don't think he's ever been happier in a relationship before," dishes a source. "We're actually surprised at how serious it's getting."

But don't worry, he won't be putting a ring on it anytime soon! As if. Greene is smarter than that.

Other celebs of note: Mila Kunis looking gorgeous chatting up Emma Stone outside on the patio, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter happily hanging with their Kings Speech director Tom Hooper, and power director Quentin Tarantino working the room, chatting with everyone including a date-less Jon Hamm

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