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What could be better than Joshua Jacksons or James Van Der Beek's Funny or Die videos? How about the new(er) kids on the Kevin Williamson block: Nina Dobrev and the cast of the CW's Vampire Diaries?

I just spoke to Nina herself moments ago and she revealed that she and her TVD cast mates just shot some Funny or Die footage, and she also weighed in on casting the show's highly anticipated new "original" baddie Klaus...

"We're actually working on a [Funny or Die video] right now," Nina tells me. "When we were snowed in, in Georgia, we were twiddling our thumbs. We didn't know what to do. So we got a camera and we shot a couple things. A bunch of us. Myself and other cast members. If it's funny, you just might see it!"

Who votes for we get to see it either way?!

Nina was thrilled to be in sunny Cali today to attend the Television Critics Association winter press tour, having left the bad weather behind. "I was snowed in for four days and couldn't leave the house. The Canadian in me thought it was ridiculous, in three inches of snow, that we were snowed in. But it was like the apocalypse. You go to the grocery store and there's no food or eggs!"

When Vampire Diaries returns Jan. 27, Nina promises: "A lot of Damon and Stefan saving the day. A lot of new characters coming in—one who has been anticipated for a long time is coming."

Fans know she's talking 'bout Klaus, the "original" superbad vampire who is guaranteed to wreak havoc on all the Mystic Falls characters we know and love. "Who that is we don't know yet. I know they've been going through rigorous casting," Nina says. And she has her own (stellar!) idea:

"I think it'd be awesome if it was Sacha Baron Cohen using his Austrian accent," Nina says with a laugh, switching into SBC's hilarious dialect: "Like, ‘Hello my name is Klaus. How are you? I want to suck your blood.' I think it'd be great if he is the opposite of what everyone is expecting."

Um yeah, if the stuff they already shot doesn't work out for a Funny or Die video, how about that idea right there?

Per Nina, one thing is sure about Klaus' casting: "Given that it's the CW I'm sure he'll be mildly attractive."

Nina also gave some tidbits for you Delena and Stelena fans, and more on what to expect up ahead on the show. We'll post that video before TVD returns. You know, just in case you fans weren't already excited.

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