Kim Kardashian

This is it! The shocking, never-before-seen footage from last season's Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami, in which Kourtney confiscates her sister's mobile out of concern Kim Kardashian can no longer live in the moment and enjoy life without her electronic umbilical cord. And—horrors!—Kim withers and suffers withdrawal from the pain.

But frankly, ennui never looked so sexy, as the two bikini-clad Kards recline on the sands of South Beach. See for yourself ...





And that's not all! We've unearthed two other unaired moments, one in which Khloé swoons over a single hair from a road-tripping Lamar ...

...and another in which Lamar, and Khloé's brother Rob, implore her to stock the house with Oreos and drinks for their video-gaming guests!

Oh, what's a reality star to do?

But what's a reality-star fan to do? Watch—and enjoy—of course!

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