Blind Vice diva

You all know dear Me-Me Dallas is our fave trampy starlet in town, but we like to keep one eye open on the crackers Chiquita, as well.

Remember her? The pretty—and pretty crazy—gal wreaking havoc on her hit TV show by sleeping with her boss in order to get more face time? Oh ya, she also wanted said suit to write her ex off the show.

But the latter plan didn't work out. So what's Ms. C up to now?

Attempting to smear his reputation all around town, that's what.

Chiqy can't seem to get over the fact that she was left in the dust, so she's spreading rumors everywhere she can that her ex is doing the same thing she is! As in sleeping with one of his bosses.

And the rumor ain't true, trust us.

But the sad fact is, C doesn't hate the ex, at all. More like she's still totally head over heels in love with him (tho she has a funny way of showing it by trying to sleep with his friends).

Also, Chiquita, who has a pretty decent bod with a face to match, makes plans to arrive at the same time to any event her ex is also attending...on purpose. Her car will be bumper to bumper behind his. Always.

Add to that whack-job behavior, C likes to make unannounced visits to her hunky former man's set trailer, just to make sure there are no ladies creeping around.

Is this girl single white female or what?

Thing is, we don't understand how none of this is getting out. We're thisclose to just outing the babe ourselves, but with the crap she's capable of pulling, we want to be able to rest easy at night.

The bitchiest of Twi-hards should take lessons from this broad.

And It Ain't: Taylor Momsen, Snooki, AnnaLynne McCord

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