Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner, Bridget Marquardt

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First, Holly Madison was neutral about former boyfriend Hugh Hefner's engagement to 24-year-old Crystal Harris, telling us she was  simply "surprised".

But earlier this week, Holly had changed her tune: "Basically, I think he could do better," she dished to Life & Style.

So how does former Hef girlfriend and Holly's one-time roommate Bridget Marquardt feel about the engagement?

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She was a bit more diplomatic. "I just hope that they're both happy and that they've thought it through and that they're making the right decision," she told me via phone today. "If so, I'm totally happy for them."

Bridget sent congratulatory Sprinkles cupcakes to Hef and Crystal, but says she understands why Holly came out swinging.

"I think she's definitely very protective over Hef and the decisions that he makes and I think that's good for her to share her opinions," she added. "Hopefully Hef reads that and takes her thoughts into consideration as well. But he's a grown man and if they're both happy...then whatever."

And although Bridget gives her BFF props for hanging in there with Hef, she think it's actually for the best that he never popped the question to Holly.

"Holly gets an A for effort!" she joked. "She was there for a really long time and she really wanted it. But Holly wanted more than he was able to give. She wants to have kids some day and that's something Hef wasn't really interested in."

Despite Holly's love for Hef, the timing was off, according to Bridget.

"Everything happens for a reason and timing just wasn't right for her," she explained, "And that's probably a good thing because he couldn't give her everything she wanted!"

The blonde BFFs will be reunited soon at Super Bowl, where they'll cohost the Leather & Lace party at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas.

"I'm making my own football-themed costume," Bridget tells me, promising that it will be sexy.

Can't wait to see!

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