Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Bono, The Edge

Courtesy Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark; Mark Wilson/ Getty Images

Now, don't choke on your dinner or anything, but...Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is experiencing more technical difficulties.

Opening night for the troubled production has been delayed for the third time, now until March 15. What with the leading lady who dropped out, the lead stuntman's broken ribs (and shoulder blade and vertebrae), the new safety precautions that had to be implemented, the $65 million-and-growing price tag and general creative head-butting...

Who knows why there was a delay this time! (According to the New York Post, the new delay came after score writers Bono and The Edge finally caught a performance and demanded some tweaks.)

Though the enthusiasts are still enthused, this latest setback begs the question: When will the visionary labor of love complete its transformation into its alter-ego, Spider-Man: Eight-Figure Tax Write-Off?

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