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Dear Ted:
Surely I'm not the only one wondering about the status of Princess Powder-Puff's addictions to drugs and alcohol these days. Has she cleaned her act up or not? If not, how do her handlers deal with the situation? Do they turn a blind eye, actively enable or do they work to get her sobered up? Also, does PPP still have a relationship (business or otherwise) with the man her mom seduced away from her?

Dear Snort or Swallow:
Honestly, I don't think she's able to do too much drugging or drinking these days. If anything, I'd be nervous about her prescription-pill intake. Hopefully, her handlers are keeping an eye on that.

Dear Ted:
So what's the deal with Adam Sandler? He seems like an über-nice guy who just makes movies to hang out with his friends because he can. Does he have a Vice?

Dear It's a Funny Thing:
Nope. Adam's a fairly straight shooter by Hollywood standards—not a whole lot sketchy stuff going on there.

Dear Ted:
Did Super-Duper Cooper ever get "yucky" with any A-listers? Also, does Jen Aniston have a Blind Vice yet?

Dear Take a Whiff:
You friggin' bet! If you need a refresher just click right here. He very much made one of his high-profile ladies get in on the kinky stuff. And no, Jen is still Vice-free.

Dear Ted:
Has Butter Pussy had many (or any) long-term relationships with women?

Dear Lady Lust:
Very much so. But you'd be surprised; the long-term relaysh with the chick was more emotional than physical.

Dear Ted:
Whatever happened to the NYC celeb who kept herself thin because her husband put her on notice that he would stray if she didn't? My guess on that one was Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelos; however, Sarah Jessica Parker's husband, Matthew Broderick, seems controlling, too.

Dear Name Drop:
Honey, you've just named a handful of Vices. Can you be more specific, please?

Dear Ted:
Is Lorin Sniffle-Puss Heather Morris?

Dear Gleek Out:
Nope, Heather has stayed out of B.V. territory, so far.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Priscilla Desert dating those closeted stars? Does she want publicity, or is she hiding something? Is she a lesbian or what?

Dear Wrong Closet:
The only thing Ms. P hides is that she's not so innocent. Babe is super-crafty—hence how she picks her men. Publicity is her secret, not being a lez.

Dear Ted:
Just started reading this column and I'm hooked! Is Princess Powder-Puff currently in a relationship and has she been a B.V. before?
Tracey B California

Dear Love Lost:
Yes and no.

Dear Ted:
I am one of the newer Glee fans out there, and though I have problems with the show, I am always impressed with how talented the cast is. It will be sad when most of them get phased out for a new crop of kids, but at least they'll keep around Matthew Morrison, who I think is their most valuable asset. That said, as impressed with him as I am, I gotta ask: Has he ever been a Blind Vice? When I see interviews of his, sometimes something seems a bit off, like maybe he has a secret to hide. Am I on to something?

Dear Double Trouble:
Yes, Matthew's been a Vice. But we totally heart him! I wouldn't say something is "off" about him. You're barking up the wrong Blind.

Dear Ted:
While reading the blind about Sheila Yabos, I couldn't help but notice similarities between her and Shafterella Shoshstein. I got to wondering what Shafterella has been up to? Is she still up to her old tricks, or has she settled down? Do she and Sheila run in the same circle?

Dear Sneaky Sexies:
Nope, Sheila and Shafterella run in different crowds. Let's just say you have a lot more to worry about with Ms. Yabos. The babe is on the verge of spiraling out of control. Not at all the case with Shafterella.

Dear Ted:
I was just looking at the breakups photo gallery and someone commented that Darren Aronofsky has a Blind Vice. Is this true? I think he's an incredibly talented director and loved him with Rachel Weisz. What are your thoughts on their break up?

Dear Action:
Oh, hon, those commenters are so crazy I wouldn't trust many of them for a second! Look what they do to poor Robsten? Darren most def hasn't been a B.V. He's too busy wrangling the crazies to be one.

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