James Franco, Jake Gyllenhaal

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We never get tired of hearing who's dating whom in Hollywood, and we certainly jump at the opportunity to predict the next hot romance, fake or not!  Problem is, we can't really decide, ultimately, just what kind of romancing James Franco and Oprah Winfrey prefer. 

And what about Jake Gyllenhaal? We know he has a thing for blondes, but if Franco turns to the other team—would they just not make the most perfect couple? Of course, we'd have to talk Jake into it, dammit.

Here's who else is creating a sexy uproar:

Over half of you were convinced Oprah ranks a big zero on the gaydar, and you felt that Piers Morgan should stick to other topics. 

Just because Oprah runs the world doesn't mean she must be a lesbian, right? Now all that's left to question is whether Steadman will ever put a ring on it...

But what if hottie James Franco came out of the closet? We asked you whether a homosexual card would change your opinion of the hunky actor. 

More than 90 percent of you said that you will continue to love J.F., gay or straight, and Team Truth is totally on the same page. This is the 21st century, after all. There is no need for some kind of heartfelt disclosure interview on Ellen if Franco switches to men. Nonstory, as it should be.

Now to poor Jake Gyllenhaal...With Jaylor long gone and Franco possibly down for dudes, Team Truth had to ask you whether Gyllenhaal should hunt for a brunette or simply make Brokeback Mountain his reality. 

More than 30 percent of you suggested Jake should stay put on the hetero-bandwagon and settle down with Anne Hathaway. The two worked side-by-side in Love and Other Drugs and Brokeback, so the chemistry must be there. We also agree that Anne could use a nice guy like Jake, especially after her last guy ended up behind bars. What rotten luck!

But then, close behind sweetie Anne for Jake's next proposed honey were Mila Kunis and Mr. Franco, both tied at 25 percent in second place, and we are happy to agree that Jake must choose a darker mate (those blondes have been such trouble for him), and heck, both are über-attractive possibilities.

Hot by any standard!

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