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Dear Ted:
Yesterday you maintained that you think Kristen Stewart will be the first of the Twilight stars to be nominated for an Oscar. I agree. Based on her work thus far, Kristen certainly deserves it first. But I wonder about all the talk surrounding Water for Elephants. Do you think the elite cast and the buzz surrounding this movie will help Rob get a nomination or hurt his chances? Or is it just too early in the Oscar year that it will be out of sight, out of mind when it comes time to choose?

Dear All Star:
Sorry, darling, doubtful for Oscar buzz that early. But here's hoping Rob kills it! If he can hold his own next to Academy winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, that certainly bodes well for his future opportunities.

Dear Ted:
Who's more famous: Twyla Babe-Sucker or Julie Bone-Jumper? And who's naughtier these days?
Twi Vice Crazy

Dear Oldies:
I would say Twyla, although I think Julie has a larger audience who heart her. As for naughty, both gals have been pretty good, aka boring.

Dear Ted:
What is it with Charlie Sheen and self-destructive behavior? After his separation from his last wife, I was certain that he was intentionally on the road to self-destruction by alcohol, drugs and cheap babes. How does he keep getting away with it? Would really like to understand that one. I'm betting Charlie's Blind is Whip M. Off. Isn't it time to reveal the extent of his callous behavior?
Rita, Montreal

Dear Money Go Round:
There's one reason why he gets away with it: He's bringing in the ratings for CBS. Bad-boy behavior or not, he's killing it on Two and a Half Men. And hate, hate to admit it, but if Sheen left, the show would slowly crumble. I'm sure if Mel Gibson was somewhat successful  these days, he wouldn't be as much of a lost cause as he is now. Sick, ain't it? Oh, and you're off on Charlie's Vice. Kisses!

Dear Ted:
You've made it clear that you think all of the talk about Zac Efron and his costar Taylor Schilling was much ado about nothing. Fair enough. But what is your take on Vanessa Hudgens and her cute costar Josh Henderson? There seems to be some major chemistry there. Thoughts?

Dear Smoochy Costars:
You can count on Josh to certainly take a shot! Just ask fellow cuddle time pals Ashley Greene and Paris Hilton. This guy can reel the ladies in.

Dear Ted:
I love Kristin Stewart and have since before Twilight came out. I would love to see her breakout of her stereotypical role. I just finished reading The Hunger Games and thought that she would great as the lead, Katniss Aberdeen. I would love to see her in an action flick! What do you think?

Dear No Way:
While I would like to see Kristen do another mainstream type movie, I think this would be totally the wrong one. The Hunger Games is too much like Twilight in the sense it has that fantasy, hard-core fan base. Dragon Tattoo would have been more Stewart's speed if it weren't for Breaking Dawn.

Dear Ted:
There's a new picture of "Rob and Kristen" brushing their teeth in their underwear. I honestly don't think it's them—I mean the girl in the picture has meat on her bones, and as much as I love Kristen, she just has a 12-year-old's body. My sister on the other hand, believes it's them 100 percent. Can you help solve this dilemma and tell me whether the picture is real or not? What are your thoughts?

Dear Photoshop Expert:
Most likely not them. The whole thing is pretty weird, creepy and disturbing to me all at the same time. Robsten keep their friends way close. Even if the bodies looked like them, they don't have any pals who would sell them out with a picture like that.

Dear Ted:
Is my favorite celebrity crush, Pierce Brosnan, as gracious and charming in real life as he appears in the movies?

Dear Random Alert:
He's OK. Not a bad guy at all, if that's what you're asking. He just doesn't do it that much for me. I like him much better when he plays bad.

Dear Ted:
Settle an argument, will ya? Terry Tush-Trade = Nikki Reed?

Dear Read and It Aints:
Wrong. So who won?

Dear Ted:
With all the buzz around the movie The Tourist I was wondering if Johnny Depp has a current B.V. I mean, we all know he was a wild one back when he was dating Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, so should we really believe he's completely reformed now? Also, I don't know if this has been asked, but is Rihanna a B.V.? She strikes me as someone who's been Blind Vicing her way to the top...I could be wrong.

Dear Two for One:
Johnny's so out of the Hollywood scene, he's happy being a family man. No current Blind Vice for him. As for Ri-Ri, she isn't a Vicey vixen. Some attitude issues, sure, but who doesn't have those in this town?

Dear Ted:
Have you seen the first Breaking Dawn still? It was sweet on so many levels! This is a good sign that the honeymoon scene would be hot right? Please let it be hot.

Dear Illiterate Lady:
Trust! As I've said, it will be as hot, hot, hot as it can be. I may not have faith in Stephenie Meyer, but I certainly do in Bill Condon.

Dear Ted:
Your reply in your recent Bitch-Back regarding what you've known about David Boreanaz got me wondering. Did his wife know, or at least have suspicions before he was caught by Star and later admitted it to People? Why has she bothered to stay with him? Especially since I remember you saying he is only trying to look like he's changed his ways.
Dignity anyone

Dear Once a Cheater...:
I think a woman always has a hunch. But if you can forgive and forget? Or turn a blind eye, then a (quasi-) happy marriage that can make.

Dear Ted:
I cannot believe the press is still constantly pairing Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston with rumors and comparisons. Speaking from breakup experience, it sounds like a nightmare to endure this for years! Who do you think it more annoyed with the unending binding together: Angelina, Jennifer or...Brad Pitt?

Dear Never-Ending Threesome:
LeAnn Rimes. She wants to know why it worked so well for Angie and not for her!

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