Is Taylor Lautner the Most Successful Twilight Star?

Will Robsten’s media evasiveness hurt them in the long run?

By Ted Casablanca Jan 13, 2011 7:02 PMTags
Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert PattinsonChristopher Polk/Getty Images

It's good to be Taylor Lautner right about now.

Deadline has revealed that the 18-year-old Twilight star is now making eight figures per movie. Holy what?!

Not only that, but Tay-Tay and his chiseled tummy are booked through 2011, and he's already being snatched up through 2012, possibly by the likes of Michael Bay.

And these are like, big blockbuster movies that Lautner will also get a producing credit for. And that's what the big boys always do.

Are you paying attention, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

Not to knock two of our fave celebs, but Taylor is Summit's alternate golden boy.

Nothing new there, we all know this. But buzz gets around from studio to studio.

T.L., who will show off those pearly whites during Twilight promotion, is always at the ready to give a good bite to any media outlet, and he'll happily meet ‘n' greet with folks whenever he can. He's unfailingly out there thanking fans when accepting at awards shows.

No veiled emotional subterfuge with this dude.

In other words, Tay friggin' knows how to sell a movie and win people over. There's never a debate over whether he complains about fame too much or is awkward.

Hence, it's why all these big-time studios are signing him left and right even when Taylor's first non-Twilight flick doesn't come out until September! And some of our studio sources even say Lautner tops more lists than Kristen or Rob.

But come on. It's clear Robsten get the brunt of the annoying questions and media/fan attention, so who can blame them for being a bit fussier?

Still, it's interesting to see the routes Rob, Kristen and Taylor are all going—distinctly different Get ready for Lautner to be more Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio (role-wise, more so). Whereas Rob and Kristen are opting for the auteur, indie route.

Which do you think will work out best in the long run? Will Team Jacob get the last laugh?

No way! And we still say Kristen will be nominated for an Oscar first.