Will Glee's Same-Sex BFFs Become More? Naya Rivera and Heather Morris Weigh In

Plus, could Santana secretly be in love with someone else?

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 13, 2011 5:40 AMTags
Heather Morris, Naya RiveraJesse Grant/WireImage

Get ready for an explosion of warm-fuzzy feelings if you are rooting for a Brittany and Santana pairing on Glee, because Naya Rivera and Heather Morris just told us they are hoping—even logistically trying—to make "Santittany" (or "Brittana") a reality.

So will it happen? And could Santana (gulp!) secretly be in love with someone else? Here's the lowdown from the lovely ladies themselves:

When asked what's ahead for Brittany and Santana, Naya tells us: "It's so complicated. It keeps changing! I think ultimately they are best best friends, and as far as [Santana's] sexuality, that's one of the great mysteries of the show, and I appreciate that. But I would like for them to maybe pick a side." And if the actresses' attempt at seating-arrangement subterfuge is any indication, the girls are rooting for that side to be "Brittana."

"Naya and I will sit down in seats next to each other," Heather says of shooting recent scenes on set for the show, "and the director will be like, ‘No, you have to go sit next to Artie.' And we don't have conversations anymore. It's weird. It's weird because [Brittany] has a boyfriend now."

Naya says she understands the separation for the time being but hopes that at some point Brittany and Santana do reconnect.  "I think that we have great chemistry working together, Heather and I," she tells us. "As far as seating order, some of the fans are upset that we're not together anymore. But I feel like they have to understand that the characters are going through different changes and some people are going to date other people for a little bit. At the end of the day, Brittany and Santana are always going to be best friends, and as far as what they are going to do with their relationship, it's up to writers, but I would love to represent because we know that there are tons of people who experience something like that and it's not comical for them in their lives—what they are going through that we are representing. So I hope that maybe we can shed some light on that."

Sources tell me that there are plans for "developments" for Brittany and Santana in the works, however, we might not see them for a while. In the meantime, Brittany will be doing her thing with Artie…So will Santana move on? Perhaps reconnect with Puck? Or on to someone else?

"She uses Puck," Naya says."If all else fails, Puck is the one that she goes to and knows that she can just play with. But that might change. And I've honestly made up my own backstory in my head that [Santana] is, like, in love with Finn. She was really upset during the wedding episode because he rejected her!"

Can you fans handle the idea of Finntana? Can this show handle one more potential-coupling moniker? Are you hoping Brittana works out? Discuss!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Arrow and Jenna Mullins