This week, Toddlers & Tiaras' featured the Fancy Faces pageant, which is "bringing glitz back to Oklahoma," according to event emcee Todd James. Guess the Sooner State's former glitz left with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong?

Anyhoo, on to more pressing issues: Who wins the crown for Tantrum of the Week?

Our pick for Meltdown Grand Supreme is little Alexis. The kid was practically banging her head against the wall rather than practice her cupcake hands and pretty feet—then she really let loose with the wailing when her mom nixed her singing routine.

Though, we have to say, if our mom waxed our eyebrows when we were only 5 years old, we'd have a freakin' meltdown too. (Alexis also gets props from us for overrruling mom with an adorably age-appropriate talent number. Yay, cartwheels and song!)

But we want to hear from the rest of the judges—YOU! From the dolphin-voiced mom to the yodeling girl to the folks who brought a pony on stage (!), sound off in the comments on all the total-package madness fun.

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