If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on between Camille Grammer and her handsome, hitched BFF Nick Stabile, who she kissed on the mouth in last week's episode while his wife looked on.

Well, Nick sat down exclusively with E! to explain what exactly is and isn't going between him and Camille. And he brought along someone we don't often see on the hit Bravo show: his wife, Tricia!

So how does she feel about Camille being so hands on with her hubby? You'll be shocked to know that...

She's actually not bothered by Camille's flirtatiousness!

"If it were edited differently, you'd see her kiss me before or after she kissed Nick because that's what happens every time," Tricia told me yesterday. "All three of us are Italian!"

"We're all really close. Kelsey [Grammer] and I hug and kiss when we see each other," Nick adds, denying any romance with Camille. "In the moment, I wasn't thinking 'How will this be perceived?' I would never disrespect my wife. I would never disrespect Kelsey and their marriage."

Tricia insists she's not "not even remotely" threatened by Camille's behavior, saying, "She's one of my closest friends in Malibu, for sure."

The women even have a business and jewelry line together, according to Nick, and that there are a lot of things that don't make it on the episode.

So how about when Nick just so happened to show up in Vegas when Camille was dining with the other Housewives and their husbands?

Nick says he and Tricia were both in Vegas for a John Mayer concert that weekend, and he went to dinner to say hello to Camille while his wife finished getting ready.

And it was actually Kelsey who asked Nick to do the show with his soon to be ex-wife. "Kelsey, Camille and I have been friends for years," Nick tells me. "He cast me in a pilot years ago. He and I went to London together and we talked on the plane for 13 hours and he said 'Camille's doing this show and I think it'd be really fun. It'll be a blast and I think you should it while I'm in NY,'" adding, "I sort of look out for her [Camille] when he [Kelsey]'s away."

Well, he'll have a lot more looking out to do for her now that she and Kelsey are divorcing, huh?

"Since things have changed, they've been very cool not to put us in the middle and continuing to be our friends separately. But neither one has put us in the position to ask awkward questions," Nick explains.

Neither would comment on whether they've met Kelsey's new girlfriend, who he's engaged to, but they're already thinking of who Camille can date next.

"She has a huge passion for music...not a rock star, but maybe a producer who gets her vibe and likes to go see music. I think it'd be good for her get out," Nick says.

"She's not dating. She's too busy," Tricia adds.

And despite their divorce, cross-dressing allegations and a supposedly sexless marriage, Kelsey and Camille were once the perfect twosome, according to Nick.

"They were a fantastic couple...I've been there for a decade," Nick says. "They were a lovely couple but things change with people and you can't judge them for that."

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