Someone get these moms a pacifier, please!

Teen Mom 2, the genetic spawn of 16 and Pregnant 2, premiered tonight on MTV, drawing us further into the lives of struggling single (in this episode, anyway) mothers Jenelle, Leah, Kailyn and Chelsea, as well as the sperm donors dads and grandparents whose contributions range from pretty darn generous to nonexistent.

So how are the girls coping with motherhood?

Well, Leah graduates high school and appears to have a grip on taking care of twins Ali and Aleeyah. If only she hadn't stomped on her poor baby daddy's heart by cheating on him with her yucky ex! It's obvious Corey is pretty torn and still has feelings for Leah, despite him skipping her high school graduation, so this couple (both of them, together) are one to watch.

As for Chelsea, she thinks life is "so cool" now that she and pal Megan have a house, thanks to Chelsea's incredibly understanding dad, who's paying her rent so long as she keeps up with school (and parenting and whatnot). And she finally got a date, eek! This one didn't go so well, but maybe she does deserve some fun, considering her baby daddy, Adam, treated her so very badly.

Then there's Jenelle, who thinks she should be in charge of all sartorial decisions regarding son Jace, but who also doesn't see what the big deal is about her riding a mechanical bull into the wee hours while mom Barbara watches over her sleeping 9-month-old. Barbara does know what the big deal is, resulting in a big ole fight with many swears, an Internet modem getting thrown on the floor and Barbara telling Jenelle to "get out." And, incidentally, Barbara suing Jenelle for custody of Jace.

"She better run and hide, dude, 'cause I'm gonna f--kin' kill her!" she told her friends, and then said much worse to her mom.

MVP of the premiere goes to teen dad Jo's parents, Janet and Eddie, who are only looking out for grandson Isaac and therefore are cool with Kailyn living in the basement, even after Jo breaks up with her. Which, you totally can't blame him for doing, but her awesome (sense the sarcasm?) mom doesn't offer her a place to stay and it's best she not be homeless.

So, which of these storylines have you hooked? Do you think Leah deserves Corey back? Should Jenelle's mom get custody? Is Chelsea ready to date? Will Kailyn ever learn? Do share!

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