Not only is Seth Rogen the star of big-budget action flick The Green Hornet, he's also the writer and executive producer. So what's one of the perks of that position? Getting to be Cameron Diaz's boss.

Recently the two stars sat down with E! News' Ben Lyons and talked about working together, what it's like to dance next to Beyoncé and how Rogen is planning for his upcoming wedding. So how's that going?

"I'm around for it. My girlfriend has a very vested interest. I think she's been planning this for years," Rogen said. "I'm the last piece of the puzzle. I'm excited. It's going to be lovely."

Check out the video to hear more from the two Hollywood stars on a possible Charlie's Angels follow-up and if Seth with appear in the upcoming Knocked Up spinoff.

And don't forget to tune in tonight to E! News at 7 p.m. to catch the cast at the big Hollywood premiere! Ben hit the red carpet and got even more scoop from the movies stars, like how Seth is maintaining his slimmed-down physique!

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