Ted Williams, Dr. Phil


Someone's voice didn't seem quite so golden last night—at least not to whomever phoned the cops on homeless-man-turned-YouTube-sensation-turned-showbiz-catch-of-the-day Ted Williams.

The 53-year-old was picked up by Los Angeles' finest last night when police received a call reporting a disturbance caused by Williams, who at the time was engaged in a decibel-raising argument with his daughter.

So what's Dr. Phil McGraw got to do with all this?

Well, in addition to making the media rounds, one of the primary reasons Williams is in Los Angeles this week is to appear in a two-part episode of Dr. Phil. In the second episode, airing tomorrow, he is reunited with his estranged wife and five of his nine daughters, whom he walked out on 20 years ago.

Sounds like the reunion didn't go as smoothly as Phil might've hoped. At least not once the cameras stopped rolling.

While the family-reuniting show airs Wednesday, it was pretaped over the weekend. And the fallout certainly seems to have lingered on.

In any case, a spokesman for the LAPD's Hollywood division tells E! News that they responded to a call at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, where Williams and his daughter were staying (and arguing), and that both of them were brought down to the station.

No citations were issued against either Williams or his daughter and both were released after about an hour.

"Everyone is pulling for Ted, but his 15 minutes are going to be over and then he'll be left to manage a life filled with temptation," Dr. Phil said.

Not to mention talk show hosts looking for a quick booking, even if it means manipulating a vulnerable man who's already well out of his depth when it comes to money, fame and opportunity…but that's probably a topic for a whole other show.

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