The Kardashian Konnection and Four Other Things to Know About Charlie Sheen's Latest Hookup

Actor parties with three porn stars in Las Vegas, here's what you need to know about one of them

By Cristina Gibson, Whitney English, Marianne Garvey Jan 11, 2011 8:44 PMTags
Bree Olson, Charlie SheenEthan Miller/Getty Images; John Sciulli/Getty Images

The AVN Porn Awards and porn convention just went down in Las Vegas. So obviously, tons of porn stars swarmed the city. Following not far behind? Charlie Sheen, of course, who arrived Saturday and jetted off this morning to be back on the set of Two and a Half Men.

In between, he had quite the adventure, including some quality time with a woman avid E! watchers just might recognize.

We've got the five things you need to know about her, along with a quick recap of Good Time Charlie's Sin City sojourn...

While not quite topping his Plaza meltdown—he didn't trash a room this time—he still had quite a wild weekend.

During this round of partying Sheen was spotted at The Palms Hotel and Casino downing shots at the bar and staying in the hotel's Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, sources tell E! News.

The room, which costs $40,000 a night, is bedecked with Playboy art and an 8-foot rotating bed with mirrors. Classy.

"Everything was fine," a hotel insider says of the state of suite post-Sheen.

Likewise, Sheen's rep tells us, "Charlie Sheen arrived at work today and is there as I send this. Memo to Chicken Little: The sky remains in place."

In any case, Sheen was spotted flirting it up with some of the porn stars in attendance, most notably Bree Olson, a petite, blonde 24-year-old. While she's not commenting on her time with Sheen (her rep tells us she's on radio silence in Cabo), here are her vital stats:

1. She Was Hired—and Quickly Fired—by the Kardashians: During season one of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris hunts for a nanny daughters Kendall and Kylie. Enter Bree, who shows up for work in nothing but a bikini. Kris quickly orders Bree to put her clothes on then fires her. Bruce Jenner even weighs in, wondering how Kris messed up so bad. "I'd like to fire this nanny right now," he says on the show. "[Kris] really missed the boat. She didn't check this out at all."

2. She's Coming Soon to a Magazine Rack Near You: Bree reveals on her XXX-rated website that not only has she been a Penthouse Pet, she will be featured on the cover of the mag next month.

2. She's a Switch Hitter: Bree's not only had woman-on-woman action in her films, but she calls herself a bisexual, revealing on her site that she had her "first girlfriend" at 15 and that the relationship lasted for four years. And just before partying with Sheen in Vegas, Bree was spotted making out with Jesse James' former flame Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

4. Her Grandparents Were Concentration Camp Survivors: Her Ukranian grandparents met in a concentration camp during WWII and they came to New York together. Bree's mom moved around, finally settling with her in the tony town of Woodburn, Ind. Bree calls her grandmother "the greatest person that had ever walked the face of this earth."

5. She Loves Science...and "Majik": Bree had been in college majoring in premed biology for a year when she dropped out sophomore year to work in an office. She now owns her own house in small town Indiana but plans on returning to school for a degree after she's done with porn. (Bree started working to pay debts to Purdue University and some credit agencies.) In the meantime, she says she's studying human sexualtiy, the "majik" of David Blaine, photography, uh, filmmaking and watching Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Wow, with a résumé like that, no wonder Charlie came a-callin'.