Jessica Simpson, Twitter


You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl. Or, it would seem, the girl's hair.

But, erm, if this is a harbinger of what's gonna be hot in 2011, we'd like to be dragged back to the less voluminous safe harbor of 2010 'dos.

But not  before knowing what compelled Jessica Simpson to go for this hair-raising don't…

Stand down, fashionistas, it was all in fun!

The pic was snapped and—we're sure to Jessica's chagrin—disseminated around the Net by Simpson's publicist Lauren Auslander (um, aren't publicists supposed to minimize a star's public embarrassment factor? Our bad).

"Hey @JessicaSimpson nice new 'do for 2011," she tweeted.

The photo itself was reportedly taken at a top-secret magazine shoot over the weekend.

Here's hoping this is the before shot.

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