Brad Womack, The Bachelor


Silly ABC. You don't need to force  Brad Womack to mack (see what I did there?) on Bachelor contestants by sticking them in some tacky scripted PSA's for the Red Cross in which Brad plays tonsil hockey with 15 different women. (Yes, that's really what happened tonight. And yes, it did make me want to draw blood...Though not my own.)

For the record, Brad "Woah! Mack!" is totally game to play musical mouths on his own! And, oh, did he.

Brad admitted this tonight at an ABC party for TV critics...

"Oh my god," he mused. "[There were] countless makeout sessions! The last time I was on The Bachelor, I was actually very conservative for whatever reason, and this time, I just thought, All bets are off. I lived in every single moment. Plenty of hot-tub scenes, plenty of romance—almost a little too much romance. I had the time of my life."

Say it with me now: Ewwwwwwww.

Chris Harrison, who joined Brad at the soiree, put it this way: "The whole season, Brad was very careful not to follow in the same footsteps and fall into the same traps he fell into three years ago. I think he thought, Last time I went left, this time I'm going to go right. Madison, I think, is a great example—the girl has fangs. I think last time he would have been like, You're out of here. This time he was like, You know what, I'm not just going to kick her to the curb."

Brad and Chris also insist that this season of The Bachelor is notably more legit than seasons past.

"This particular group of women was very serious about finding a guy," Brad told us. "I think the majority of them didn't care about their five minutes of fame or anything like that. It was just to find a guy."

And Chris predicted: "I promise you that Brad Womack will never call me and say, ‘Hey, Chris, can you give me some advice? I really want to come to Hollywood and get a show or become a reporter.' This guy really does not like the limelight. He hates interviews, being here; I promise you—he just doesn't love it. That's why I'm like, ‘Dude, why are you coming back?' Because he (a) wanted to redeem himself, but (b) he fully believes, this works. He thought, ‘It worked for me. I screwed it up. I was an ass and I screwed it up and I want to do it again.' "

What did you think of tonight's Bachelor? Anyone else want to give the birthday girl a good spanking?

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