Ashton Kutcher certainly has a sense of humor about taking his clothes off for the camera.

The star of No Strings Attached chatted with E! News' Ben Lyons about why he finds sex "inherently" funny and what it was like filming those love scenes with costar Natalie Portman. But that's not all, the actor also dished on the key to a successful relationship.

So what'd he have to say?

When it came time to get romantic onscreen with Portman, Kutcher revealed, "The real challenge was, sort of, you've got fifty people looking at you, you don't have any clothes on...and now you've got to be funny." No pressure.

But while his character may find himself wanting more from a "friends with benefits" setup, the real-life Kutcher is happily married to his wife of five years, Demi Moore. So what's the secret to their relationship?

According to Kutcher, it's "constantly reminding myself, like, no matter how amazing my relationship is, keep working on it. Keep working on it and keep finding another level. Things can always get better, even when it's going great."

Check out the video to hear what else Kutcher has to say about sex and intimacy, both onscreen and off.

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