Entourage, Big Bang Theory

Michael Muller/HBO; Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

Forget about Penny and Sheldon. Leonard has a new posse to hang with.

Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki has been cast in the upcoming season of Entourage. And he'll be playing a part so deep, so intricate, we're sure he's already preparing for the role as you read this...

OK, Johnny's playing himself. But he'll be playing a "tougher" version of himself, so we're hoping for some brawls and beer bottles thrown at people's heads.

In the episode, we can tell you that Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Hawaii Five-O's Scott Caan) take on Johnny as a client. And because he is the bad-boy version of himself, Johnny might be pulling a "robbery" (thank you, Jersey Shore, for that nugget o' terminology) with Eric's lady, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

The upcoming eighth season of Entourage has been confirmed as the show's last. They certainly are looking to go out with a Bang, huh? Oh yeah. And you are welcome for that terrible pun.

Looking forward to geeky Leonard as a tough guy? Do you think he can steal Sloan away from "E"? Let's roll to the comments, Entourage fans!

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