What's not to love about Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer?

Not only did they all give stellar performances in one of the year's best movies, but they're all hilarious and totally nice. Seriously.

When I asked the trio if they played any practical jokes on set at the Palm Springs film fest (which we livestreamed over the weekend), they couldn't resist trying to fool me:

"Andrew used to take all of our props and put them in a big bowl of Jell-O," Jesse began.

"Grape Jell-O," Armie (who's actually just one guy, by the way, despite playing the Winklevoss twins) interjected.

"I'm a prankster!" Andrew admitted.

Jesse continued his comedy routine, adding, "When Andrew smashes the computer in the scene, I used to stick a whoopee cushion under the computer. So if you listen very carefully, when Andrew's been kicked out and lost his brother, you can hear the faintest..."

"It's like a really quick but delicate and also classy pfft," Armie added.

I even got a glimpse of the hottie's chest during the interview, which he joked that he waxed to prepare for the evening, where he and his castmates were receieving the Ensemble Performance Award.

And for anyone wondering where Justin Timberlake was, I'm told he couldn't make it to the desert because of "production commitments."

But really, who needs J.T. when you've got these three funny guys?

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