All eyes were on Natalie Portman this weekend as she hit the Palm Springs film fest to pick up an award.

Not only did we get to see her engagement ring bling, but she also showed us a bit of a bump underneath that flowy dress.

During our livestream from the red carpet, Natalie told us the absolute best part about working on Black Swan:

"I really love dancing, and it was really fun to get be around all of the experts...the dancers and the coaches and the choreographer," she told me.

The choreographer, of course, is her fiancé and babydaddy Benjamin Millepied, who joined her inside the awards ceremony and got a special thanks during Portman's acceptance speech.

Natalie pulled double duty on Saturday night, as she also presented the International Rising Star award to her Goya's Ghosts costar Javier Bardem.

Nat said when they were filming together in Spain, "He took me out to every gay bar in Madrid dancing until all hours of the morning."

Javier himself admitted it in his acceptance speech, explaining: "Actually, it's true. It was the only safe place for her!"

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