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Dear Joan:
How can I have Miley Cyrus' look? And I love your show!

Dear Mini Miley:

I'm flattered, thanks. But where to begin with Miley? She's so young, her style keeps evolving. One week she's a red carpet princess, the next week she's a rock 'n' roll badass. (See the photos here.) The one thing that never changes is her attitude—confidence is your best style weapon.  

Dear Joan:
I need your help! I found a fantastic black mini with a three-quarter-length sleeve and I want to wear it now, but it's cold so I want to cover my legs. What color leggings/stockings and shoes do I wear?

Dear Dressed to Kill:
Sound like a perfect match for black stockings, which are hot right now whether you wear them sheer, opaque or patterned. As for your shoes, you could go with more black or play around with another winter neutral, like gray or burgundy, or even dress it up with a metallic heel. Have fun!

Dear Joan:
I'm a big fan of minidresses and skirts. My problem is, I'm only 5'3" with muscular legs and a pear-shaped body. Could you please give me some advice for choosing them or should I avoid wearing minis and skirts?

Dear Shorty:
Don't you know, the best things come in small packages. Make the most of your body with structured dresses and skirts—nothing frilly! An A-line skirt will provide balance and downplay your hips. Or you could play up your curves with a pencil skirt if you've got the confidence to carry it off. As for your hem, that all depends on your age. Under 30, wear it above the knee. Over 30, wear it just under the knee. 

Dear Joan:
I just saw your holiday Fashion Police show (hilarious!). Can you give me the what/where/who of the necklace you were wearing on the show? It is gorgeous (and so are you)! Best to you.
—Jamie Sexton

Dear Fashion Fan:
Thanks, sweetheart! We had so much fun taping that episode. The necklace was one of my own from the Joan Rivers Classics Collection.

Dear Joan:
What are good colors to wear in each season?

Dear Rainbow Connection:
Fashion magazines are a great place to see what's in style each season. Of course, there are some trends we see every year, like neutrals for winter and bright colors for summer. But have fun and play around. A pop of color this season would make you stand out in a sea of blah.

Dear Joan:
I recently bought a Michael Kors python bag. This is a little out of my comfort zone, but I thought I would give it a try. Is this a good idea? I'm not quite sure if I'm behind on the trend or not.

Dear Snake Charmer:
Don't worry, you're right on track with the python bag. In fact, snakeskin is almost like a neutral these days, it works with just about anything.

Dear Joan:
If white sneakers are paired with a black T-shirt and a black-and-white cap, does it match?

Dear Kicks:
Sure, white sneakers match with a black T-shirt—as long as you're wearing them with the right bottoms. Obviously, the combination wouldn't work with a skirt, but with jeans or sweats they would be fine.

Dear Joan:
I love the designer sketch artwork on the set of Fashion Police. Would you please share who the designers are and where you obtained these pieces? I would love to have these for my home. Love the show! Thanks so much.

Dear Art Lover:
Thank you so much! The sketches are the fabulous handiwork of designers David Meister, Pamella Roland, Jenny Packham, Tadashi Shoji and Manolo Blahnik—all were created especially for the show so, unfortunately, they're not available for purchase.

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