Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Following a string of unrequited romances, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is looking for love again…on the small screen (in a totally different country). 

The Dancing with the Stars hottie is set to star in the Ukrainian version of The Bachelor, Chmerkovskiy revealed on his blog. But, like his latest stint on DWTS, there's already a bit of drama brewing from Chmerkovskiy's next foray in TV.

"First things first. I am doing the Ukrainian version of our Bachelor," Chmerkovskiy announced. 

So what's the drama? 

Reports flew that the admittedly fiery-tempered dancer turned down the American version of the dating show because of a preference to not date American women. 

But, not so fast, Chmerkovskiy says. 

"The fact that I've turned down the American version has NOTHING to do with my 'dislike' of American women," Chmerkovskiy went on to say in his blog post called Don't Believe the Hype. "(The statement is so absurd that I can't believe I'm even dignifying it with a reply)." 

While the Ukrainian native says that his reasons for participating in the country's Bachelor include everything from giving back to his country to doing something special for himself, Entertainment Weekly reported that Chmerkovskiy never had the opportunity to turn down the American version…because he was never offered the gig in the first place. 

A show source told the mag that although ABC did meet with Chmerkovskiy regarding The Bachelor, execs never offered up the rose-doling throne. 

For one thing, the US version of the Bachelor's shooting schedule conflicts with that of DWTS, according to EW.

Nevertheless, although Chmerkovskiy said finding "'the one' on a TV show is something that [he] can't ever fathom," he revealed he has been "pleasantly surprised" with his experience on the Ukrainian version of the Bachelor thus far.

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