We'll get to some scoop on Leonardo DiCaprio's same-sexing screen-time in a moment.

But first, we're happy to report the Spider-Man reboot flick is coming along quite nicely—even if it includes a little pain for its star Andrew Garfield:

"I actually started [filming] three weeks ago," Garfield told us last night at the Blu-Ray & DVD launch event for The Social Network at Spago in Beverly Hills. "I'm sore. I'm excited. I'm asleep right now...It's great. It's a really fun time."

So has sliding into that skin-tight Spidey suit left him a little, well, itchy?

"No, no rash," he laughed. "But thanks for asking."

Now onto the hunky guy who will soon be locking lips with Mr. DiCaprio...

Armie Hammer gave us some more on the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed biopic J. Edgar, in which DiCaprio stars as infamous FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover. Hammer is set to play Hoover's rumored lover, Clyde Tolson.

"It's a fantastic script," said Hammer, who has yet to meet with Eastwood.

"I'm excited to see what the benefits are of just working on a Clint Eastwood movie. Whether it's like, 'Oh you guys have a scene in the Oval Office. Here's the Oval Office!' Or something like that. Who knows? How do you say no to Clint Eastwood?"

As we previously reported, there will indeed be some same-sex smooching between Hammer and DiCaprio in the flick.

Written by Milk Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black, filming is set to begin early next month in L.A. and Washington D.C.

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