Jake Gyllenhaal

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Even though the world wasn't all that shocked when ice-cream paramours Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift busted up, folks were nonetheless shocked by how quickly Jake ended it. And even though there are questions about his reasons, the fact remains that hunky Jake will no doubt be combing the actress-filled waters of Hollywood, looking to bait his next lucky babe sooner than later.

We have some definite ideas on this subject. Because, after all, nobody wants to see Jake single forever—or with another not-exactly-perf honey to trot out by his side, right?

Let's dish:

Clearly, Jake's had rotten luck with blondes. Can we please agree on that? Of course, we can. Meaning the dude clearly needs to move onto a more earthy brunette type, preferably one who knows her acting game, is closer to his age (or older) and who detests coffee.

Because let's be clear about this: If we see Jake Gyllenhaal photographed with some nubile date anywhere within 20 feet of a Starbucks again, we are officially going to picket our favorite movie star's next movie opening. This coffee-clutch romancing must stop. ASAP.

That said, here's who we think Jake should give it a go with next, what say you?

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Who should Jake date next?
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