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CSI: NY fans, don't say we never did nothin' for you! We've seen your pleas week after week for more scoop on the Gary Sinise-led forensic-science show, and we particularly noted your interest in the Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Lindsay (Anna Belknap) storyline. So, because we like to make you happy, we went straight to the CSI: NY writing staff to find out what you want to know. Will there more baby scenes? Are Danny and Lindsay ever going to work as partners again? Is Lindsay recovered from what happened to her? Find out:

@JenniferAnne85 (via Twitter): Heard that Lindsay was gonna be personally involved with a victim in an upcoming episode. Any info on that? 
Team CSI: NY: Yep, Lindsay is personally involved in an upcoming episode with a person from her past that she unwittingly disappointed.

@TheMegster23 (via Twitter: DANNY! LINDSAY! DANNY/LINDSAY?! Do Lindsay's past traumas, either in Montana or the whole baby held at gunpoint thing, affect how she relates to the victims in this episode? How do Jo and Lindsay differ in their approach to the interrogations in this episode?
While we've seen Lindsay deal with her past traumas, they'll always be a part of who she is and inform everything she does—especially with regard to dealing with other victims. Jo's emphasis on human observation and psychology coupled with her southern charm leads her to appear more empathetic as she tries to get people talking and open themselves up. Lindsay tends to be tougher, cut and a dry, and more direct.

Lila Mason: Can we get some CSI: NY scoop that has to do with Danny and Lindsay as partners? :) 
Lindsay, Danny, and Lucy continue to be a happy and healthy family and there are no plans to have anything threaten that. As partners however, there are always potential dangers…

Stacey: Are we going to get more insight into Lindsay's past?
All in good time, Stacy. But we promise that if you're patient, you won't be disappointed.

@ewebber3 (via Twitter): When will Danny/Lindsay work their on own again as they did in "Boo" and many fun eps? miss their interaction!
That was a fun episode and we always like their dynamic together. You'll be happy to know in an upcoming episode Lindsay and Danny work to decipher a puzzle hidden inside a New York landmark.

CSINYluvr (via Twitter): Are they ever going to give CSI: NY fans some closure regarding Stella? Also, why haven't we seen Flack much this season?
In our first show back after the holidays Flack is at the center of a fun and very emotional story dealing with some difficult choices he once helped someone make. Also: There's a clown.

@reebsreiswig (via Twitter): Any chance you have anything on the underrated/underused Adam on CSI: NY?
We love Adam and always look for ways to get him involved in every episode. We got to focus on him this season in "Unfriendly Chat" and if you liked that, you'll be pleased with the part he plays going forward.

ewebber3 (via Twitter): Can we expect a return to two-case episodes ever on #CSINY?
You've already seen a little of that this season when a body found in central Park branched into the murders of Roni Parker and Marcella Gomez. We're always looking for ways to keep things surprising and unorthodox so we never rule anything out. For a while we felt doing two cases got stale, but now that we've gone away from it, there may be some times where you see it pop up again.

Nounours: Will Don's sister Samantha ever come back?
We hope so! We love her and she owes some of us money.

Are you satisfied with the answers you got? What have you loved about CSI: NY this season? Tell us in the comments!

CSI: NY returns with new episodes tonight at 9 p.m. to CBS. 

—Additional reporting by Christina Dowling

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