Blind Vice diva

Poor Princess Powder-Puff, the put-upon young star hasn't exactly had an easy time of it with the fame game. Drugs have been a staple for the talented girl, let's be honest. If you had her high-pressured life, you'd probably resort to chemical addiction, too, right?

Well, that combined with your mom screwing your friends, and you probably would...

Yep, right after PPP had one of her infamous moody incidents (covered widely by the media), everybody blamed the pretty chick for getting too whacked out on myriad drugs. That's partly true.

But get this: The main reason Powder-Puff went on that particular bender was because she'd just found out that one of her longtime friends and business associates had been seduced by her own damn mom!

This was a very hard blow for Ms. Powder-Puff. She had always hearted (big-time) this particular dude, who's sweet, good-looking and—most importantly—truly cares for Princess. And she had also gotten her hopes up.

See, Puff's never had much luck with the dudes. And yet she'd finally wrestled herself out of her latest bad relationship with a skeezy guy, and thought she'd take her friend/slash biz guy up on an oft-implied romantic interest. Ya know, maybe finally settle down with a good-hearted, sensible type.

But just as PPP was considering how to shyly go about it, in swoops Princess's momager! Like she's some kind of older Angelina Jolie, or something!

It was also doubling devastating to Princess, because she and the woman who birthed her always had a jealous thing going on. Ever since they both embarked on the fabulously wholesome world of child entertainment together, mom never entirely concealed how much she wanted to get in on Princess's money, sweat and fame. And Princess had always sort of brushed it aside.

Well, not after that, she didn't.

The two barely speak now. And folks have no idea why.

Uh, now they do.

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