Drew Barrymore

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Does Drew Barrymore have a thing for the ladies?

Or maybe it's just one girl in particular, who she surprisingly copped to crushing on at last night's CoverGirl bash.

The famous female that Drew's hot for these days is none other than...

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Rachel Maddow

Jim Gipe/PivotMedia

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow!

Keep in mind that she wasn't even asked for her same-sex crush...just her celeb crush. So she must really be a big fan of Rachel's to offer her up as her first answer!

Drew, who's a CoverGirl spokesperson, also shared with me when she feels most gorgeous.

"Having a day where I feel like I've been a good person," she explained at Boa restaurant last night, where CoverGirl was celebrating its 50 year anniversary.

"Beauty is so within. I don't care if you're the most attractive person on the planet...if you're not good inside, it will show. You fall in love with people from the inside out."

Is that what made her fall for Justin Long?

But Drew was rolling solo last night to the girl-powered party, where newly single Taylor Swift stuck close to Ellen DeGeneres on the carpet and BFF Selena Gomez inside.

Both Tay and Selena came from the People's Choice Awards and opted out of all press ops at the party. Something tells me they didn't want to discuss who they are or aren't dating these days (Jake Gyllenhaal and Justin Bieber, anyone?).

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