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Dear Ted:
Way to berate Meg Ryan and skip over the fact that Dennis Quaid cheated on her for years, and that John Mellencamp and his wife split up before he started dating Meg. I'm not her biggest fan anymore, but at least I know how to research the facts!

Dear Double Standard:
True, Meg certainly claimed Dennis cheated, but why bring that stuff up eight years after it happened? Either way it was Ryan's infidelity that broke the marriage's back. She's not at all the only person in H'wood for this to have this happened to, but it's starting to look like a pattern. Maybe check your facts there.

Dear Ted:
Is Twyla Babe-Sucker into the same stuff Me-Me Dallas is into (stuff as in puff, puff pass stuff?).

Dear Assumption:
Do you mean puff, puff pass the gals or puff, puff pas the grass? Need to be more specific babe. Twyla and Me-Me have little in common, for what it's worth.

Dear Ted:
There is one couple that I would love to know are happy individually and together, Vices or not. Are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi as in love and marital bliss as I hope they are?

Dear Love or Lust:
You've picked a good one, Kels! Ellen and Portia are B.V. free and totally in love. Tell me again why gays can't marry?

Dear Ted:
Settle a bet between me and the BFF. Did you once mention an on-set Twilight pregnancy scare for one of the castmembers? My friend swears you did early on, but I don't recall any such mentioning. Who is right?

Dear Vamping for Two:
Your BFF is correct.

Dear Ted:
Do you think it's possible that Taylor Swift might actually stay single for a little while now that she and Jake Gyllenhaal are done? I've been saying for a long time that she needs to lay off the guys and just take a year off, enjoying the single life without getting caught up in some celeb crush. What do you think?
Tired of the BF Overkill

Dear Song or Sink:
But then where would Tay get her material? When you were 21, how horny were you? Doubtful that guys will be sparse for Ms. Swift. She's the hottest commodity in music right now.

Dear Ted:
Not a question about a specific Blind Vice, but about B.V.s in general. How much time is there usually between the act and you posting it here? Days, weeks or even months?

Dear Ageist:
Depends. But certainly dalliances I report about don't need to happen the night before.

Dear Ted:
So I posted probably in April 2010 asking about Sandra Bullock's Blind Vice, and you asked me (with good reason) to check back later. Since it's been almost nine months do you think you could give us a teeny tiny hint? We all have our fave celebs who we want to know more about, and she's mine.

Dear The Proposal:
Certainly hope she is headed for one with Ryan Reynolds!

Dear Ted:
On the last Bitch-Back you told us how Robsten love to smooch when it's their cameras that are rolling and not the paps' and how they let themselves go on the honeymoon scenes. This makes me wonder, did Bill Condon have to tell them to take it down a notch at some point? We all know Catherine Hardwicke told the story of Rob getting carried away and falling out of the bed while filming Twilight a million times.
Curious Girl

Dear Breaking Character:
Please, Bill would keep them going! That's why we heart him already, duh. I'm sure he'll have plenty of tales from the set when he makes his promo rounds later this year.

Dear Ted:
On the last Bitch-Back you said that we could expect more skin on the Breaking Dawn DVD than the movie. Well have you checked the Eclipse DVD out yet? Didn't think so, otherwise you would've already commented on a certain scene. Remember the part after the battle and Jacob gets injured and phases back to human? Well we knew he was supposed to be naked but they just showed his torso in theaters, while on the DVD it shows him cupping himself. I don't know about you, but this gives us some hope and expectations for B.D., don't you think?
Twilight Girl

Dear Shielding Eyes:
Darling, it's tough enough to sit through those movies once, let alone buy the DVD and go again. I'm a fan of the real-life goss, you know this! Howevs, if the flicks had those kinds of scenes in them in the first place I might reevaluate.

Dear Ted:
I don't have a question. You just obviously have something against Meg Ryan, because your comments are very rude. Everyone in Hollywood has plastic surgery, and for you to say such horrible things about her—just remember the mirror reflects both ways; wait and see how kind it will be to you when you are her age. You also act as if she is the only one who has ever been involved in any infidelities in Hollywood. I didn't realize that we were reading from a columnist who was absolutely perfect, without any faults. Your column is not news, but it is just taking jabs at someone for entertainment purposes. Honestly it sucks.

Dear Cracked Mirror:
I never said I was perfect. I have tons of flaws. But my marriage record (which is also faulty) isn't the point here. It's hers.

Dear Ted:
After seeing the Black Swan (which was wonderful) I have to wonder if Mila Kunis has a B.V.? Can you please give a little hint on Natalie Portman's B.V., pretty please with a cherry on top??

Dear Swan Song:
Nope, Mila's never had her own Blind Vice. As for Nat's, let's just say it goes with her good girl personality.

Dear Ted:
I have never guessed on one of your Blind Vice's because I am just terrible at them. I have a little confidence with Oded Good-Head. Is it Trey Songz?
Jessifuh and Cass

Dear Bad Head:
Sorry hon, très close, but no.

Dear Ted:
Just read your piece on LeAnn Rimes' boob job. What? No comment about how painfully thin she is? Seems as though she's pretty desperate to keep that loser fiancé' of hers. Then again, she's equally as pathetic as he is. Her behavior and physical changes since hooking up with that loser just scream low self-worth. She's in for a rude awakening. What comes around goes around, LeAnn darling.

 Dear Good Point:
Why do I need to say it when you blabbed it all for me? Good point, M, and totally agree. As I've said a dozen times before: once a cheater, always a cheater. True, that applies to both L and E, but let's face it, Cibrian is the most likely candidate to stray.

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