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Pretty Little Liars is a TV phenomenon—among other things, it casually crushes competitor Gossip Girl in the ratings. As of today, PLL's success has been rewarded: ABC Family officially ordered a second season of the series. To celebrate this good news, we bring you dish!

After being sworn to secrecy since visiting the PLL set last month, we can now reveal some scoop about what's to come on the remainder of season one. For starters, how about the identity of A, which star Lucy Hale first revealed to our very own Ryan Seacrest on his radio show last year....

Brant Daugherty, Pretty Little Liars


"He got me in trouble!" Lucy (adorably) screeched about the host with the most when we asked her about her on-air slip. "I said who A was—I literally said it before I could think about what I was saying." Now she's quick to add, "It's who A was in the books, which could be on the show, could not be—we don't know."

Could A be a card-carrying member of the not-so-fair sex? Let's run down those bad boys:

Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty): Noel is currently the girls' No. 1 suspect for A. Poor Hanna is terrified of him—and soon Ezra will be too. "I can't let that slide without taking some action," Brant told us about his Aria-smitten character. "I really felt for this girl, and to have somebody who shouldn't be doing this in a position of power, who is having a love affair with this girl—I'm just hurt by it, I'm in pain." And it's not just Aria bring the pain—Noel has a history of being hurt by Alison & Co. (But who doesn't?)

Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson): The yearbook photographer's puppy-love crush on Hanna isn't as innocent as it seems. "Lucas definitely has some secrets that he is keeping," Brendan admitted to us. In later episodes, we are going to learn a lot more about what happened on the night that Alison disappeared. We also, are going to learn a lot more how Alison affected the other people in Rosewood besides the four girls, particularly Lucas. There is some history that is going to be revealed." Remember Lucas' muddy shoes? Next week we learn exactly what he was doing at Alison's memorial (hint: he wasn't paying tribute).

Ian Thomas: Spencer's new brother-in-law and onetime lovah is so complex they needed two different actors to play his character. (Seriously, we were more confused than Spencer when she found Ryan Merriman in her kitchen instead of Carlo Marks, who played Ian in the PLL pilot.) Besides hooking up with both Hastings sisters, Ian was also there the night Alison disappeared. Could he be both A and Alison's killer?  

Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen): Regardless of who actually killed Alison, it looks like police are going to be nailing Toby for the crime. He seems to be the most suspicious guy of all—maybe too suspicious?—and his relationship with his blind sister suggests that he may be more dark and twisted than everyone suspects.

Guess all the liars aren't so little and pretty, huh? As Brant told us, "Everybody's got a dark side...We are getting to the heart of some of these guys' characters now."

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