Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez


Dear Ted:
Love your column, read it everyday. My question is about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. I think it is ridiculous that his fans are being so psychotic about the two cuties possibly hooking up. They are two little hotties in Hollywood; it would only be natural that something happen, right? Do you think they are actually dating and can possibly keep it on the down low?

Dear Puppy Love:
I think they are totally adorable together, M. Bieber fans need to back the ef off! Selena is a way sweet, normal gal. If Justin is happy, then his tweeps should be too, no? Sure, they are dating, but like all things in Young Hollywood, I doubt it'll last too long. Bieber strikes me as the type who can't be tamed just yet.

Dear Ted:
Happy New Year! Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin as blissful as she paints them out to be? She is on the cover of Good Housekeeping and refers to him more than she normally does. I know the Oscars are coming up, and a little self-promotion is going on. Have they ever been a Vice together or as individuals?

Dear Right on the Money:
Like all married couples, G and C have their fair share of marital woes. Still, must ‘fess, they have lasted longer than I initially thought. I would put them in the middle of the Hollywood happy spectrum. You may not be right on them Vicing, but you're correct on one thing: Gwyn wants some Oscar love bad.

Dear Ted:
I still love you, and I understand you can't answer every question I ask you, but can you please answer this one? What's up with Jeremy Renner? I love him as an actor and he seems like a cool guy, too. Who is he dating? Has he ever been a B.V.? Thanks much, wishing you and all your puppers peace and love in 2011!

Dear Racy Renner:
Not bad taste, N. I think Jer is totally a good pick. He's megatalented and stays out of the Hollywood scene. Of course, that's not to say he doesn't have his secrets, too.

Dear Ted:
So LiLo "accidentally" moved to an apartment next door to Sam Ronson? Really? So spill, Ted, are they back together, or is LiLo stalking Sam? I think she's "accidentally" moved near Sam previously.

Dear Single White Female:
Uh...let's just say Sam is less than thrilled about the situation. Can hardly blame her.

Dear Ted:
I had a friend witness Jake Gyllenhaal hang out at the same back room of a restaurant as Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene while they were in New York City. What would Taylor Swift think of this since obviously she still has beef with Mr. Jonas?

Dear Jealous Much:
Considering Jaylor are dunzo, doubt the blond babe cares! But she probably would have liked it. Heart, Joe, but he's a boy...Jake's a man!

Dear Ted:
Happy 2011! Any celebrity chefs hiding out in your Blind Vices? My pooch loves cooking shows.

Dear Take a Whiff:
Nope. Rachael Ray could have been a contender a while back, but she's gotten nicer (and more boring).

Dear Ted:
First, I hope 2011 is very good to you. Just checking in to see if Terry Tush-Trade and the bisexual companion are still up to their bisexual lovin' ways. Have either participated in any same-sex action over the past few months?

Dear No Way:
Let's just say Terry and said same-sexin' pal didn't split on happy terms.

Dear Ted:
Jennifer Aniston
and Sandra Bullock are always quoted as the parties behaving with the most "dignity" following a break up or divorce. In my (cynical little) mind, for dignity read own skeletons to hide. No?

Dear Skeptic:
Sorry doll, not so much. Neither has even been a Blind Vice!

Dear Ted:
Murph, my rescue greyhound and I were just sitting on the sofa and he, being a canine, was wondering if any of the Wolfpack from the Twilight saga (other than Taylor Lautner) has ever been a Vicer. They do show a fair amount of skin. Murph feels the vampires get too much attention. We hope you had a great new year.
Murph and Liz

Dear Howl:
Of course! And to you all, too!

Dear Ted:
Just have a quick guess for Oded Good-Head. John Mayer? Always had a feeling part of him was liking the boys.

Dear Sing It Loud:
Wrong Vice for Johnny boy. His is of a much different nature.

Dear Ted:
Are Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream still hooking up for some of that nooky action? Did they spend any time together over the holidays, or are they over each other and moving on? Should we fans accept that these two are no longer Vicing with each other? Yeah I know lots of questions, but their Vice is so appealing that I can't help but want them together forever.

Dear Won't Give Up:
Forever? No. For now, from time to time? Yeah.

Dear Ted:
Lately, I've been obsessing over Chris Pine, Talented, smart and sexy. Is he a Blind Vice? Can you tell me anything?

Dear Pine Away:
Yes, but he wasn't the main Vicer if that helps you sleep at night.

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