Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal


We hope you're sitting down for this one! Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have broken up.

Yes, sources confirm to us that Jaylor entered splitsville last month.

So what went wrong? And is there any bad blood?

While friends are mum on what officially ended the romance, insiders close to the former couple insist both parties are separately "very happy."

Taylor will be at the People's Choice Awards tomorrow, and we're told she is focused and working hard as usual.

Same goes for Gyllenhaal.

With the Golden Globes less than two weeks out, Jake has his eyes on that golden prize (which, by the way, we totally think he could and should win).

The duo was last scene together in early December and spent both their birthdays and holidays apart.

We're assuming the breakup was pretty amicable, but we'll have to wait until Taylor's next album comes out. Right? That girl can be pretty unpredictable. Why we like her!

If we hear a track named Brokeback Bastard we'll take that as a sign everything wasn't as smooth as we're being told.

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